Fort Lauderdale is located just up the coast from Miami. It is possible to drive from Miami metro to Fort Lauderdale in a little over an hour, yet the two cities are a world different. Sure, each city provides some desirable nightlife and entertainment options, but the two are far different from each other. So, for guests of Miami, residents looking for something different or home shoppers looking for an exciting nightlife without as much hustle and bussle as Miami, Fort Lauderdale nightlife might just be the place to head.

Ft Lauderdale is still a sizeable city. It is just over 170,000, which is around half the size of the city of Miami. Fort Lauderdale is close enough to Miami to actually be considered in its metro area. Put together, it is the eight largest metro area in the United States. However, Fort Lauderdale is not as built up as Miami. It has a comfortable boardwalk that can be used both day and night without running into huge throngs of people as they tend to flock south to South Beach.

That is not to say there isn’t anything to do. While it doesn’t feature the art deco style of South Beach, it has fun clubs and nightlife running almost round the clock. For guests looking to experience the city but still head home at night to a peaceful night sleep, Fort Lauderdale is nowhere near as loud as South Beach, which is jamming all day and all night.

Fort Lauderdale has its own design and events though. The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival is one of the largest in the state and it is also an Academy Award festival. This means top documentaries, foreign films and other non-traditional big-budget pictures are likely to make an appearance here, as the movies can qualify for Academy Award nominations through the apperance. This makes it a rather exciting event for the city itself.

Some of South Florida’s hottest venues are Fort Lauderdale bars. Las Olas in particular is a great location for bars and top Fort Lauderdale Restaurants.

The New River essentially bysects the downtown area of Fort Lauderdale. This way, there are basically two different boardwalks through the city. It also helps spread out some of the foot traffic and it also allows guests to take fun filled boating rides and attractions through the river.

Fort Lauderdale tends to attract individuals who want to take in the sun, surf and sand but they don’t want the crowds of Miami. It still has plenty of attractions and things to do, but with more of the party animals heading south, it is for an enjoyable and relaxing vacation or place to call home.

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